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PodGrid is a podcast advertising network with the mission of giving podcasters of all sizes a way to turn their dedication into revenue. You bring your listeners, we bring the brands.

Engaged Audience > Large Audience
We don't care if your show has 100 listeners or 100,000. We want our network to be home to shows that have loyal & engaged listeners, regardless of the size of the audience.

Affordability + Quality = Low Risk
Our affiliated shows generally have small but highly motivated audiences. Which means our advertisers get access to the highest quality listeners for a fraction of the cost of most networks.

Personal Attention
Every facet of our process is managed with personal attention. We've listened to every show on the PodGrid network, we vet every ad placement and we talk to every content creator & advertiser.

PodGrid is a startup in its early stages and as such we're just starting to build our network.
For more information check out the details below or just contact us.

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Your passion should be rewarded

So, you aren’t Marc Maron, Adam Carolla or Chris Hardwick. But that’s okay, because your fans listen to every episode, no matter what. That kind of dedication deserves a reward. PodGrid brings podcasts of all sizes together to create an advertising network with the most loyal listeners out there.

You spend hours planning, recording, editing and promoting. You’ve built an audience that loves your show and a big component of that is because you love making your show. We’re here to help all shows connect to advertisers that understand that value of a loyal fan base.

A Network for Everyone
Shows of all sizes are welcome to join the PodGrid network. Whether you have 100 listeners or 100,000. Each show is compensated based on their size, but all shows will be included.

No Exclusivity Required
PodGrid is meant to be a way for any show to access great advertisers, regardless of whether it is part of another network or not. No cross promotion or mention of PodGrid is required.

Rewarding Your Dedication
PodGrid works with our shows & advertisers to create compensation packages that are best for both parties. This gives us the ability to attract advertisers of all sizes and reward shows of all sizes.

Joining the network is free. Just send us a message and we'll be in touch.

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Get access to the best listeners

You want conversions and there’s no better way to get them than by talking to the most engaged listeners. PodGrid affiliated shows have extremely loyal and motivated fanbases. Which means our network gives you affordable access to the most dedicated podcast listeners as well as niche audiences that you can’t get anywhere else.

PodGrid network shows have small but super loyal fanbases. Our goal is get your message to the same super active podcast listeners you get on other shows; but without the cost and waste of buying ad space on huge shows. On our network it’s not about reaching the most listeners, it’s about reaching a certain type of listener.

Rates for any budget
Since PodGrid works with shows of all sizes we have a very flexible rate structure. Which gives us the ability to reward shows of all sizes while giving you affordable options to get your message heard.

Access to the most devoted fans
The most avid podcast consumers listen to a lot of shows, both big and small. Our network gives you direct access to the same super engaged listeners as a big show, but for a fraction of the cost.

Audiences you can't get anywhere else
By focusing on small to medium size shows with loyal fanbases our network also gives you access to listeners who only tune in to their one show. A group of people you can't reach any other way.

Help support content creators of all sizes.
Just reach out and we'll work with you to find the right fit.

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About Us

PodGrid, LLC was founded in 2016 by two independent podcasters. After struggling to find a model for advertisers on our show due to its niche audience and finding out other small shows have the same problem we do, we decided to create a podcast advertising network for everyone. PodGrid is based just outside Chicago Illinois.

Our Mission

Connect great advertisers with great audiences. Usually podcast advertising is all about broad reach and to get that reach you have to go for a big show with a big audience. But a big audience comes with a big price tag, when really your goal is to talk to the most motivated of that audience.

Why PodGrid?

PodGrid network shows have small but super loyal fanbases. Fanbases made up of the most avid podcast consumers and listeners. Reach the same super active podcast listeners you get on other shows; but without the cost and waste of buying ad space on huge shows. On our network it’s not about reaching the most listeners, it’s about reaching the most devoted and engaged listeners.

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